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What is Techuru?

Welcome to, we believe we are ‘The UK website’ for all your consumer tech news and latest reviews. Techuru  is you rone stop site for all the latest tech news and opinions of the gadget world of today and the future. hands picks the hottest gadgets you need to know about and gets you the essential details. Techuru has a team of endlessly dedicated writers and reviewers who search the interent tiredlessly to bring you only the must have gadgets and need to know news.

Techuru studys all the major consumer gadget launches from around the world to bring you only the best gadgets coming to a store near you soon. Some of these include the CES, IFA, WWDC and MWC.


What Makes Techuru Different?

Techuru does not just write about the latest gadgets and thats it, Techuru provides it’s reader the full package guide. No matter what your level of understanding of the world of gadgets Techuru will take you through step by step all you need to know.

If you just want news, then take a look at the latest rumours in the Buzz section of the site. If you are looking for help to buy your first camera or tablet or smart phone to name just a few, then follow our buying guides and you will know exactly what you need. Techuru also takes the effort of trawling through the internet for the best prices, you will find a helpt price searching tool available to tell you who is cheapest, no fuss.


Want to Get in Touch?

For what ever reason you want to contact Techuru you can do so by following this link.


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